UAW Local 1069

September 14, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please note on your calendar that this month’s General Membership Meeting scheduled for September 25, 2016 will be cancelled due to hall renovations.

Renovation work to our hall is currently in progress and going well. We originally anticipated all work completed before our September’s membership meeting but of course as we all know when performing any types of construction work unexpected issues do arise. We do anticipate all work to be completed before our next scheduled Membership Meeting which is scheduled for October 23, 2016. Please make note of this date and be sure to attend.

Last week I visited Detroit, Michigan for a scheduled UAW Leadership Meeting. I would like to inform our members that our half-hour “strike-fund” dues increase has increased that fund to the amount of 663 million dollars. Our UAW Leadership anticipates that fund to be at their projected balance by the year 2018. At that time the increase will be re-evaluated and discussed at the next UAW convention in that same year. Also, overall UAW membership across the country has increased from 300 thousand to approximately 400 thousand members to date. Please continue to help our great union grow by continuing to purchase UAW made products, especially cars and trucks.

Lastly, I do still notice some of our members patronizing Royal Farms Market across the street from our plant. I again ask of you to please shop elsewhere, Royal Farms is no friend of labor, our community, and all unionized workers. They adamantly steer clear of using organized labor when they build their stores. Please steer clear from shopping at their locations and helping them profit while union trades people lose out on these building contracts.

Yours in solidarity,

Mike Tolassi


UAW Local 1069

August 30, 2016
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Your bargaining committee would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our UAW Local 1069 sisters and brothers a happy and safe Labor Day weekend holiday. Please be safe and enjoy this time with family and friends. On this very subject, this Friday, September 2nd 2016 will be “infraction free” (full day, pre-planned, and granted) for any employee wanting to take the entire day off, extend their holiday weekend, and not utilize any accumulated sick or vacation hours. Any employee choosing to use this option will still receive holiday pay for Monday, September 5, 2016. Please notify your manager of your intentions by end of shift Wednesday August 31, 2016.

Renovations on our union hall (main hall) is scheduled to begin Tuesday, September 6, 2016. Work scheduled to begin on or about this date will be removing and replacing of all ceiling tiles and grids, new HVAC units and ductwork, new lighting and fixtures, re-painting of all walls, installation of new kitchen cabinets, electric stove-top, beer cooler, and new flooring. We give many thanks to our UAW members who did the “demo” work to prepare for this next phase. At this time our retirees’ luncheon for September is canceled due to work in progress and we are still uncertain if the hall will be ready for our General Membership Meeting on Sunday, September 25, 2016. We will keep all of you informed as we approach this date.

Lastly, we want to stress to all employees to please inform a manager immediately if you experience problems or issues with the company’s ETS (Employee Timekeeping System). If you do experience problems with this system and it does not get resolved by your manager, please inform your union representative.

Reminder: Please have an inspector check and approve your work before “buying” your completed job(s). This may prove to be critical in ensuring the safety of our customers who fly in our products and safeguarding your employment at The Boeing Company.

Yours in solidarity,
Mike Tolassi, President
UAW Local 1069

Due to fact that the hall is undergoing renovations, the retirees meeting, which was to be held on September 21, 2016 has been canceled. If you have any questions, please contact the hall at 610-876-6217. 


August 10, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Summer is winding down, vacations are also winding down so we would like to remind all of our brothers and sisters when returning back to work after some well-deserved time off to please be conscientious and continue to work safe and smart. If you do get hurt on the job, no matter how minor it may seem please at the very least inform a manager so the injury or incident will become documented. You may feel fine after any minor occurrence but as time passes the condition may worsen. Some of us may believe that immediately reporting any types of injury or occurrences to a manager affects our PIP. Lost work day cases do affect the PIP, when reporting injuries immediately we can address these injuries to possibly avoid lost time in some cases.

The 2016 Employee Survey will begin on August 22 and run through September 9. We encourage all employees to please participate so your thoughts and concerns are heard. Results are received by managers, remain anonymous, and will reflect what improvements are needed and what’s going well among the teams.  Participating will also demonstrate to our customers and throughout the Boeing Enterprise that Philadelphia is second to none when we continue to build our great products at this site.

Lastly, many thanks to Matt Rodgers, Jason Bonacquisti, and the rest of the Communication’s Committee for what was a great 2nd Annual “Cornhole” (baggo) Tournament which was held at our Union hall this past July 23rd. Once again this event proved to be another success in bringing together our brothers and sisters outside of the workplace to socialize and raise money for a good cause. Many thanks to all who attended and who participated on what turned out to be a very hot and humid day. We look forward to many more tournaments in the future.

Congratulations to our winners of this tournament.

1st Place – Jason Bonacquisti / Dan Tobin

2nd Place – Billy Tobin / Ken Elkind

3rd Place – Steve Gregg / George (Deebo) Trosley


Reminder: Please have an inspector check and approve your work before “buying” your completed job(s). This may prove to be critical in ensuring the safety of our customers who fly in our products and safeguarding your employment at The Boeing Company.

Yours in solidarity,

Mike Tolassi, President

UAW Local 1069


Important Information

May 24, 2016

Brothers and Sisters,

We have been informed by the company today that they wish to extend the Memorial Day Holiday, adding the option of Leave Without Pay (LWOP), infraction free to all employees wishing to take advantage of an extra day off to Friday, May 27th. Of course any employee still can utilize any accumulated vacation and sick leave available if they choose to. Employees wishing to take the extra day (LWOP) infraction free must notify their manager by end of shift Wednesday, May 25th. However, employees failing to ask for and do not receive prior permission or arriving late or leaving early on Friday, May 27th will still receive infractions under PRO-5097.

We also have been informed by the company that beginning July 1st 2016 they will implement FMLA changes as follows:

Employees using FMLA will be required to use accumulated vacation and sick leave in connection with FMLA designated absences, to the extent that the employee has any accumulated vacation or sick leave available.

Yours in Solidarity,

Michael A Tolassi, President

UAW Local 1069

April 5, 2016

Fantasy Draft

Softball Tournament

Saturday May 7th 2016


Mickey Vernon Fields, Marcus Hook PA

$20.00 a player

List 3 positions you play and shirt size

Players need to be signed up by April 22nd 2016

Draft will be held April 27th 2016 @ The Union Hall

For more information Contact

*Jim Rugh – (484)-574-2853 * Joe Anthony – (610)-999-0890 * Ryan Kerrigan – (484)-919-9151


This event will be for Boeing employees only. We made it a draft so that the teams are as fair as they could possibly be. There will be up to six coaches appointed to draft the teams. If you are interested in being a coach contact us.

How the draft is done: Each player will list 3 positions they play, coaches will draft accordingly to those positions. Draft order will be randomly drawn out of a hat at the draft.

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