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Brothers and Sisters,

With the negotiation of the of the Voluntary Separation Plan (VSP) in our recent contract, many of our senior members are in a position, due to age and service time, to take advantage of this benefit and are currently making plans for their separation and subsequent retirement during the window of April 1, 2015 to September 30, 2015.

As part of those preparations, Local 1069 members have recently begun to receive post cards from the Company with information about accessing an in-depth view of the VSP on their official website.  Members are urged to use the site to review program highlights, FAQs, separation schedules, and other useful information.  In addition, the Company will be sending out emails via the Company system with further information on what is happening with the VSP.  That will come out under the group email GRP Ridley Park VSP.  All eligible members are included on the list, whether they are opting to take the VSP or not.  You can have your name removed from the list if you choose.

Your leadership is working with the Company to make the process as painless as possible.  We will be holding information sessions Dec. 9th and 10th at the Hall for members and their spouses to find out what their situation is regarding the separation.  There will sessions for all 3 shifts.  Members will attend these sessions off shift, or clock out to attend a session if they choose to go during work hours.  There will Company and Local 1069 representatives available to answer your questions.  You will need to sign up ahead of time for the session you wish to attend.  You can register from an on-site Boeing computer at

The Company has assured us that the web site will have frequent updates, including FAQs, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for one time, check back.  There will be information for your spouse and their involvement in the process of managing your retirement sign up and benefits.  You can access the web site at

Another step you can take in preparation is to access your Social Security account and get an estimate on what your monthly SS payment will be.  You can get that at

Please take note of these reminders:

We have cancelled our December membership meeting due to the holiday shutdown.  This vote was ratified by the membership at the November membership meeting.  We will resume our meeting on the 4th Sunday of January, the 25th.

Keep in mind that the open enrollment period for changing your medical benefits provider expires 12-3-14.  Be sure to complete any changes, etc., before that date.  You will have 21 days after that date to make sure all of your information is correct.

 Don’t forget the 2015 UAW Local 1069 Holiday Toy Drive!  Drop off your new, unwrapped, toys, for children ages newborn to 12, at the Hall or to an EI Facilitator.  You can also bring them to the Christmas party on Saturday, Dec. 6, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  Bring your kids and grandkids and have their picture taken with Santa!  Hot dogs and drinks will be served.

Any member wishing to carry over their 2014 Sick Leave to be used in 2015 will need to see their Shop Steward to fill out the paperwork so that it will carry over.  If you have done this in the past, there is no need to repeat the process.  If you have less than 8 hours of Sick Leave, you will be paid that less than 8 hours amount in your first check of the New Year.          

Finally, on behalf of the leadership of Local 1069, I wish you the best Thanksgiving holiday.  Enjoy your union-won time off with your families and friends.  We’re all thankful for the many good things in our lives.

Yours in Solidarity,

Chris Owens, President

UAW Local 1069



Click the link below to view your 2014 Collective Bargaining Agreement Negotiations Information Package.

2014 CBA Brochure

2014 Contract Negotiations Update October 19, 2014

Ratification vote held today at the Sun Center in Aston, PA.

Accept 1100        Reject 124

Contract accepted and ratified

Brothers and Sisters,


Today, the best membership in the UAW came together to vote on our tentative agreement reached this past week with the Boeing Company.  They voted to accept this tentative agreement as our CBA for the next 8 years.


Serving as your President, I can’t think of a prouder moment in my time as a Local 1069 member here in Ridley Park.  In the most difficult of circumstances, this Bargaining Committee and this membership joined together in a situation that, at other sites, brought about minimal GWIs, steeply increased medical benefits costs, and other things that hurt union members and their families.


However, in this case, the best membership and the hardest-working Bargaining Committee we’ve ever had, have been able to bargain a contract that provided for 1069 members of many groups, including senior members looking to move to the next stage of their lives, members needing increased wages and bonuses, and younger and newer members in the wage progression situation.


As I noted above, this is the proudest moment of my career, having our Local come together to ratify this agreement and reinforce the principle that STANDING UNITED is the key to the success of a union.  It is my honor and pleasure to represent the best UAW local in the world!


Yours in Solidarity,



2014 Contract Negotiations Update 10-17-14



The southbound ramp from the bridge to I-95 south will be closed Sunday for maintenance work.


To get to the meeting:
Take northbound I-95 to Kerlin St. exit (approx. 1/2 mile)
Turn left onto Kerlin St., go under 95 bridge and male an immediate left back onto I-95 southbound ramp
Once on I-95 South, follow previous directions.



Note: some earlier directions had Sun Center as being on the right of Concord Rd. It is on the left.

2014 Contract Negotiations Update 10-14-14



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