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2014 Contract Negotiations Update October 19, 2014

Ratification vote held today at the Sun Center in Aston, PA.

Accept 1100        Reject 124

Contract accepted and ratified

Brothers and Sisters,


Today, the best membership in the UAW came together to vote on our tentative agreement reached this past week with the Boeing Company.  They voted to accept this tentative agreement as our CBA for the next 8 years.


Serving as your President, I can’t think of a prouder moment in my time as a Local 1069 member here in Ridley Park.  In the most difficult of circumstances, this Bargaining Committee and this membership joined together in a situation that, at other sites, brought about minimal GWIs, steeply increased medical benefits costs, and other things that hurt union members and their families.


However, in this case, the best membership and the hardest-working Bargaining Committee we’ve ever had, have been able to bargain a contract that provided for 1069 members of many groups, including senior members looking to move to the next stage of their lives, members needing increased wages and bonuses, and younger and newer members in the wage progression situation.


As I noted above, this is the proudest moment of my career, having our Local come together to ratify this agreement and reinforce the principle that STANDING UNITED is the key to the success of a union.  It is my honor and pleasure to represent the best UAW local in the world!


Yours in Solidarity,



2014 Contract Negotiations Update 10-17-14



The southbound ramp from the bridge to I-95 south will be closed Sunday for maintenance work.


To get to the meeting:
Take northbound I-95 to Kerlin St. exit (approx. 1/2 mile)
Turn left onto Kerlin St., go under 95 bridge and male an immediate left back onto I-95 southbound ramp
Once on I-95 South, follow previous directions.



Note: some earlier directions had Sun Center as being on the right of Concord Rd. It is on the left.

2014 Contract Negotiations Update 10-14-14



2104 Contract Negotiations Update October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014
Brothers and Sisters,


Finally, after more hard bargaining with the Company, I’m proud to say that we have reached a tentative agreement on our 2014 Collective Bargaining Agreement. We still have to proofread and further review the agreement over the next few days, so we can’t release a lot of details of the agreement, but it does contain many pluses for the membership of Local 1069 and their families for years to come. Members can expect economic improvement in the form of wages and bonuses, improved medical benefits, and other positives that necessitated our having to go day to day beyond our prior deadline. All of this hard work has paid off.


Without a doubt, this tentative agreement was reached as a result of the great work, support, teamwork, and solidarity shown by every single member of this Local. While we were offsite, we received constant updates from stewards. Every message was a positive reinforcement of the work we were doing during negotiations. We proved to the Company that this membership would STAND UNITED no matter what the consequences and we have prevailed because of that.


I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the outstanding job done by YOUR Bargaining Committee and our International Reps Kieran Martin and Jack Callahan. We brought a strong committee into this effort and it paid off as each member of the Committee stood strong and provided their knowledge and insight on the facts of this agreement. At times, there were strong disagreements, but each member spoke their mind and consensus was reached.


In addition, we need to recognize the great work done by our Strike Committee and Strike Captains, Patrick Hoffmann and Gary Stein, during these trying times. They were always on hand in crisis situations and helped to demonstrate our resolve to Boeing.
It has been my privilege and pleasure to work with these brothers. What is more important is that we had members from the next couple of generations working on this agreement and they will be our strength in the future of Local 1069.


Thank you again for your support!


We have scheduled a ratification meeting and vote for Sunday, October 19, 2014, at 10:00 AM at the Sun Center Studios on Concord Rd. in Chester Township, PA. Details of the tentative agreement will be available at the meeting prior to the ratification vote. If you are not familiar with the venue, please contact your steward or the Hall.




Please note: The Company will be adjusting the shift preference period to Oct 20 through Nov 5.

2014 Contract Negotiations October 11, 2014

October 11, 2014
Brothers and Sisters,
In the last 24 hours, International Rep Kieran Martin and I believe we have made significant progress on this contract and have decided to continue on a day to day basis to reach an agreement. We can still give a 24 hour notification of termination of the contract.


As things stand at this time, please prepare to come to work Monday morning as a regular work day. Please continue to monitor the website for the latest news on negotiations. Any changes that come up will be put on the website ASAP. Thanks for the continued support.




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