UAW Local 1069

Veterans Committee

May 27, 2014

Brothers and Sisters,

            I come to you with the distressing news that the site management of Boeing Ridley Park has mandated another reduction in force for the members of Local 1069.  The Company has announced that their communication channels that they are offering Voluntary Layoffs (VLO) in several job classifications in preparation for a layoff near the end of June.  At this time, they are only accepting VLO bids from members that are in those job classifications.  As we have in the past, your leadership is working to have the Company expand the list of job classifications eligible for the VLO beyond the original list.  We believe that there are members of Local 1069 who are interested in taking a VLO at this time.  Anyone that takes the VLO will help to mitigate the number of members affected by a voluntary layoff.

            Once again, we have contacted our friends from the State to hold Rapid Response sessions here at the plant to help our members facing an involuntary layoff.  These State folks provide information on several aspects of the services available to laid off members, including information on job training, job placement, receiving state services, and signing up for unemployment.  These sessions will be held on site during work hours to help our members in this tough time of transition.

            We have been fortunate that we have not gone through significant layoffs here for nearly 10 years.  We have seen small layoffs that have affected a total of 104 members, but to this point, 100 of those affected members are still working in the plant.  We will spare no effort to lessen the impact of this reduction in force among our members.  We will keep you informed of the services available to you during this time.  Be sure that your work record up to date, and check on any transfers you have in.

            This is not the first time we have seen the Company implement layoffs with the approach of contract negotiations.  The Company has told us why, and we have to take it at face value.  However, the Company needs to recognize that they are losing the most highly-skilled, best mechanics in the world that builds the world’s best rotorcraft.  The loss of those employees may never be made up.


Yours in Solidarity,

Chris Owens, President

UAW Local 1069

General Information

May 16, 2014

Brothers and Sisters,

            Once again, I’m proud of this membership and our friends for the good work you do for others in need in our community, in this case, The Walk for the Wounded effort.  Our 3rd Annual Golf Tournament was a great success and along with the gate collections manned by the members of our Veterans Committee, $11,000, the largest amount ever, was raised to help our vets in need!  That’s extraordinary!  Thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to this special cause.

            In addition, some of our members held a benefit softball tournament for one of our brothers facing ongoing health concerns.  Many members and their friends turned out to back that effort as well.  Thanks for your great support! Congratulations to Joe Anthony and his team for winning the 3rd annual Local 1069 softball tournament!

            Don’t forget, due to the conflict with our union-won Memorial Day holiday, we will not be having our monthly membership meeting this month on the regular day.  Instead we will have a combined May/June meeting on Sunday, June 8, 2014, at 10:00 AM.  Plus, being that this is a contract year with negotiations around the corner, we will be holding a monthly membership meeting in July as well.  We want to keep our members as up to date as we enter negotiations.

            Let me also thank you for the strong support shown by you in completing our 2014 Contract Negotiations survey.  This was our best turnout ever with over 1600 surveys returned to your leadership.  The information provided by you will help to shape our strategy when we face the Company later this year.

            Thanks for your participation in our recent South Side Committeeman elections.  It is important for members to come and speak with your voice, your vote.  Congratulations to Tom Lyons, Ken Schupp, and Mike Madigan on their election to office.  Their addition to our Bargaining Committee can only be an asset in negotiations.

There is still time to submit an entry in the Region 9 Tom Fricano Scholarship contest. The deadline is July 18, 2014. Forms are available at the hall. This scholarship is a four-year scholarship that can help with college expenses.  Contact the Hall at 610-876-6217 if you have any questions.  In addition, keep in mind that our Office Manager, Christina, is a licensed Notary Public and can take care of your need for that service.  And, it’s free!


Yours in Solidarity,

Chris Owens, President

UAW Local 1069

Shop Steward Election Results

May 22, 2014


The following members have been elected to serve a 3 year term.

Zone #1          Mickey Lincoln

Zone #2          Mark Colangelo

Zone #3          Jim Dougherty

Zone #4          Jesse Bradford

Zone #5          Jim Bartlett

Zone #6          Jim Strouse

Zone #8          Chuck “Cheese” Hassiepen

Zone #9          Lorie Horan

Zone #11       Steve Tobin

Zone #12       Joe Anthony

Zone #14       Jim Rugh

Zone #15       John “Flakes” Ferlaino

Zone #16       Chris Navin

Zone #17       Antonio Mendez

Zone #18       Brian Leonard

Zone #19       Bryan McGuire

Zone #20       Vincent Marvel

Zone #21       Rich Brown

Zone #23       Bernie McKinney

Zone #50       Dan Trumbull




Brian McBride, Recording Secretary         Chris Owens, President                 Jack Connolly, Election Committee Chairman

UAW Local 1069                                           UAW Local 1069                             UAW Local 1069                                           





TOTAL BALLOTS CAST                             460

  VOIDED BALLOTS                                   7

                                                                     = 453



#2 BRIAN MCKEE = 133

#3 TOM LYONS = 423               ELECTED

#4 KEN SCHUPP = 381            ELECTED


Chris Owens, President

Brian McBride, Recording Secretary

  Jack Connolly, Election Committee Chairman

UAW Local 1069