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The link below is a digital copy of the 2014 Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Your contract books will be coming soon.


UAW 1069 – 2014 CBA

July 20, 2015

Brothers & Sisters,

I have great news to share with our members, especially those who chose not to participate in our Voluntary Separation Program (VSP). We have had numerous conversations with the Company and have reached an agreement to have an additional enrollment window for employees who would like to take the VSP at this time. The Company will be sending an e-mail to all eligible employees notifying them of their eligibility and providing them with information regarding the additional enrollment window. This additional enrollment will run from July 27 to August 4, 2015. Employees interested will need to fill out an enrollment form at the HR Service Center and then they will receive an Acknowledgement Letter. The Acknowledgement Letter will need to be returned to the Company no later than 4:00pm on August 6, 2015. Members registering during this additional enrollment will roll off the Company records on September 30, 2015.

NOTE: Employees who had not withdrawn from the VSP prior to July 17, 2015 will not be eligible to register under this additional enrollment window. This agreement is in accordance with an addendum to the Letter from contract negotiations concerning the VSP signed October 28, 2014.

Members have come to me and their Committeemen and Stewards asking us to have a second VSP enrollment window.   We have heard you and have responded with this new opportunity for you. Carefully weight your options when deciding on whether or not to sign up. This will be your FINAL opportunity to participate! All of the requirements that were in place for the previous VSP window are still in effect.

Yours in Solidarity,

Chris Owens, President

UAW Local 1069

Below is information pertaining to the Health Assessment Program

The Boeing Health Assessment program has been in place for several years and many of our Boeing co-workers have taken advantage of the program to make smarter life style choices and improve their overall health. By tracking and addressing various health matters, members have been able to lower their blood pressure, lose weight, stop smoking, and other issues, at their own pace.

We will begin using the Health Assessment program as part of our insurance coverage for members and their spouses on Thursday, July 23, 2015. Members will be notified of this date as well as information on their participation in the program through several methods, including the Between The Blades information handout covered in morning meetings, the Company Plasma Screen system, and by mail at home.

There are several aspects of the program that will involved both the member and their spouse. Smoking cession programs are part of the assessment and members and their spouses will need to participate in a counseling program to stop smoking. Failure to do so will result in an increase in insurance cost-sharing costs.

Philadelphia site screenings will take place between July 21st and October 1st. To schedule your on-site screening and learn more about the Step By Step program, log-on to Total Access and click My Well Being.

Dates, time and location are as follows

July 21& 22 6:00am to 2:00 pm 3-02 PER Rm July 23 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm 3-02 PER Rm July 28 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm 3-61 PMO Conf Rm B7 July 29 & 30 6:00 am to 2:00 pm PMO Conf Rm B7

Local 1069 Leadership Visit to DC and Careers@Boeing Information

July 16, 2015

Brothers & Sisters,

Last week, in our continuing effort to bring work to the plant, your leadership, along with Region (Director Terry Dittes, visited our Congressional delegation in Washington, D.C. to carry the messages that we need their support to bring more work to our plant. We spoke to them about the new Navy Carrier On-Board Delivery (COD) program which was awarded to our V-22 Osprey aircraft. The navy will be using our aircraft to deliver supplies to our fleets wherever they may be around the globe. The Osprey is replacing a circa 1965 fixed wing aircraft system that was badly outdated. Our Osprey can carry more cargo, further, faster, and direct to the fleet with our air-to-air refueling capability. We may realize as many as 48 Ospreys by the end of the contract, into 2023-4.As part of that effort, we asked our supporters to urge the DOD to accelerate the delivery schedule so we can get work into our plant earlier.

Our second message was to ask for their support in our efforts to bring more work to our site, primarily work from other Boeing programs. Our goal is to procure any defense or commercial work that becomes available as other Boeing sites transition to new purposes, etc. We believe our record speaks for itself when it comes to the quality and quantity of work put out by this world-class facility. We are emphasizing our strength of a veteran, experienced, and committed workforce that can take on any work. Our Congressional delegation friends are always in our corner and represent our members from the surrounding states and bring a broad, bi-partisan, effort to their commitment to do their best for this plant. We’re hoping that this process will bring us more work and keep our plant vibrant and strong, and keep our members in house and working.

In addition, we spoke with our friends to bring their influence to bear on DOD and administration officials to defeat an effort to cut funds for our Chinook programs. These cuts would have a significant impact on the number of aircraft ordered and change our contract to a single-year program. These cuts will hurt both us and our nation. Our delegates are working to help us stop that effort.


As you know, we have implemented the Careers@Boeing job application program pilot project on July 6, 2015. This new program is the first time in our Local’s history where members have access to what P&M positions are open through the site. Local 1069 members can now check to see if a job they are interested in is open and they can apply for that position. We see this new process as a great opportunity for members to move up to higher positions in our plant.

One very important point to remember is that you MUST apply for any open position you are interested in, even if it is your natural progression!!

Instructions on using the internal Careers@Boeing application process are on the back.


Yours in Solidarity,

Chris Owens, President

UAW Local 1069



Applying for an internal jobthrough Careers@Boeing

  1. Go to Total Access however you can get there
  2. On left side menu, click on “My Career”
  3. On that menu, click on “Career Opportunities” only!
  4. Click on “Careers@Boeing” icon in the middle of the page
  5. New page comes up for “Job Search” and “My Jobpage” (See more info on “My Jobpage” below, No. 8). There are open fields to enter information in for the job search. The most comprehensive method to track available jobs in Ridley Park is as follows:
    1. Skip Job Number, Keywords, and Job Field
    2. Go to Job Location and click on “United States” from drop down menu (arrow)
    3. Go to the next drop down menus below that and click on “Pennsylvania”
    4. Leave the next drop down menu designation on “All”. This will send you all open jobs for Pennsylvania. This will provide jobs from Ridley Park, Philadelphia, and Smithfield. It will also include salary positions. The P&M jobs will begin with number designation for family group.
    5. Click on a job you are interested in, example “Instrumentation Mechanic A”.
    6. The job information and description will come up. Read through all of the information.
  6. At that point, you have two options if you are interested in the job. You can do one of the two things:
    1. “Apply Online”
    2. Add to My Job Cart”
  7. If you click on “Apply Online”, you will get the first page of the application process. In the blue field above the information, the series of steps is outlined and becomes highlighted as you complete each section. As you complete each section, click “Save and Continue” at the bottom of the page. As you complete each section, hit “Save and Continue” for each section. At any time, if you need to get out of the process, click on “Save as Draft”. That will save the work you have completed so far. You can come back to it later to complete. SAVE FREQUENTLY since the system may time out and you will have to start over without doing that.
    1. In “Career Preferences”, click on the appropriate field, including “Aircraft Manufacturing”, “Quality”, etc., from the drop down menu.
    2. In “File Attachments”, you can attach your resume, certifications, etc.
    3. In “Summary”, you can double check your answers, then click on “Submit” at the bottom.
  8. If you save the job to “My Job Cart”, you can complete all of the above later. That will be available on “My Jobpage”.
  9. On “My Jobpage”, there is a section called “Candidate Profile” on the right hand side. Click on the “Access my profile” link to get to your profile. This all of the information you just filled in for the job application. It is available for future use.

Layoff Information

June 8, 2015

Brothers and Sisters,

Today, I am informing you that the site management of Boeing Ridley Park has notified us of an involuntary reduction in force for the members of Local 1069.  Your leadership has been notified that positions affected will be Aircraft Technician and Sheet Metal Assembler B.  There will be 40 A/C Techs and 9 SM Bs affected.  The official notice will be posted on Thursday, June 11, 2015, on the Union Bulletin Boards throughout the shops, 7 days before the event, per CBA.  The “roll-off” date, or last day worked, will be Friday, June 19, 2015.

As in the past, we have contacted our friends from the State to hold Rapid Response sessions here at the plant to help our members facing an involuntary layoff.  These State folks provide information on several aspects of the services available to laid off members, including information on job training, job placement, receiving state services, and signing up for unemployment.  These sessions will be held on site during work hours to help our members in this tough time of transition.  The sessions will be held Monday, June 15, 2015, with a session during 1st shift and a 2nd session held in the afternoon to speak with 2nd and 3rd shift affected members, in the PER room in the 3-02 cafeteria on the north side.  It is imperative that you attend the session!  Attendance is not mandatory, but you will receive a lot of helpful information there.  Make every effort to attend.

Needless to say, we will keep you informed of the services available to you during this time.  Be sure that your work record, contact info via phone and address, and resume` are up to date (see below), and check on any transfers you have in.  If you do not have any transfers in, be sure to fill them out ASAP.  They will be entered into the new Careers@Boeing system and remain in force during your time remaining in the plant.  To do this, go into Total Access, click on My Career, and fill out Your Profile and sign up for the job notices you wish to receive.  If there is a job opening, you will receive an email notice about it.  Be sure that your resume` contains information about your qualifications for the job.  Another important point to remember is, if you are offered a job in the Labor Pool, seriously consider taking it.  Do your best to stay in the plant.


Important note: if you receive a layoff notice, it is imperative that you complete the Your Profile in Careers@Boeing process before you go! Also, see the back page for P&M jobs that are currently open.


While you are out on layoff, you can still apply for open positions through Total Access, from home.  In Your Profile, you can click on which jobs you would like to be notified of, via email, when they open.  We recommend that you check “All” for notifications of jobs.  With that, you won’t miss any opportunities to be recalled to that job.  Be sure that your resume` reflects the skills needed for the specific job.  This process is taking the place of the former Reactivations process that was used in past layoffs.  You are not limited to the number of jobs you can put in for when you are notified of an opening, as had been in the past.

Be assured that your leadership is doing everything we can in supporting the Company’s efforts to bring more work to this site.  Our site is actively pursuing work from other Boeing sites and our superior (over)


performance makes us an attractive option for those programs to get their work done right and delivered on time.  Keep the Hall phone number (610 876-6217) handy for any questions you have.  Our email is


The Company has sent out a list of open P&M jobs that need to be backfilled.  They are:

Transmission Mechanic B (2)

Inspector Assembly Specialty (1)

Inspector Final Assembly (3)

Inspector Operational Support (3)

Sheetmetal Mechanic A (2)

Boiler Operator (1)

It is critically important to complete your Careers@Boeing profile and apply ASAP if you are interested in taking one of these jobs!


In addition, the Company will be providing their manpower forecasts, by job classification, for the remainder of 2015 and we will share that with you when we get it.  With that, you will have an idea of where you stand regarding a possible layoff


There are several other information items you need to know:

  • The contract books are going to print and will be available shortly. All members will receive a copy of the CBA.  Laid off members can come to the Hall and pick up a copy of the book as well.
  • The Union and the Company are still in the process of finalizing the release of the new

Careers@Boeing system that will enable members to view what job classifications come open for

a transfer.  Members should go into Total Access and make sure that their information and resume` are up to date, as noted above.  The system will roll out Monday, July 6, 2015.  This is a 2 year pilot program that was negotiated in our last set of talks with the Company.  This will be the first time that our members will be able to see all open P&M jobs at the site.

  • Membership meetings are cancelled for the summer. Our next membership meeting will be Sunday, September 24, 2015, at 10:00 AM
  • There is still time to enter the Tom Fricano Scholarship Contest. Information is available from your Union Representative or at the Hall.
  • The Spring Softball Tournament scheduled for this Saturday, June 6, 2015, has been cancelled and has been rescheduled for later in the year. We will be sponsoring an open tournament Saturday, July 11, 2015, at the Marcus Hook fields.  You can enter a work team or an outside team.  Contact Joe Anthony at 610-999-0890 for more information.


Yours in Solidarity,

Chris Owens, President

UAW Local 1069


Careers @ Boeing Information

June 5, 2015

Brothers and Sisters,

In our last set of negotiations, we were able to start a pilot program in partnership with the Company called Careers@ Boeing.  This program will enable Local 1069 members to see what P&M positions are open and available in the plant.  In past years, members weren’t always able to find out what areas were hiring in other parts of the plant.  A member would submit a transfer request to move to another job without knowing if that job would open up at some point.

With the Careers@Boeing system, all open P&M jobs will be posted online for review by 1069 members.  As part of this procedure, members will need to go into the system and complete the procedure in order to apply for an open position and be considered for the position.  A member will need to go into Total Access to create a resume` that will be filed in the system to be reviewed when the member applies for a position.

To begin the process, a member would go to My Career in Total Access and click on Careers@Boeing on the page.  Under the description, on the right, click on Access My Profile.  Follow the directions to complete your profile.  You will be prompted through the different steps of the process, including parts such as Personal Information, Educations and Certifications, Employment History, and Career Preferences, among others.  Attach files as needed.  Completing these steps is necessary to be considered for a position.

Company HRGs will be available to help 1069 members prepare and work on their resumes` for the process.  Information included in a resume` include your objectives and a professional summary, top 5 skills and strengths, employment history and education and certifications.  A good resume` can help you put your best effort forward to get the new job.  Resume’ workshops will be held during off shift hours and members will need to attend a workshop better or after work.  Creating and maintaining your resume` in the system is a good first step in obtaining a new job.

Since this is a pilot program, and one that members have been asking about for many years, there are bound to be a few bumps in the road along the way.  We ask for your patience as this system rolls out and becomes active.  Your Committeemen are receiving training in the system and can assist you in the process.  Don’t miss this chance to enhance your Boeing career!

More detailed information is available about Careers@Boeing on the back page of this Chopper.

Yours in Solidarity,

Chris Owens, President

UAW Local 1069


What is Careers@Boeing?

Careers@Boeing is an online portal which provides employees with a hands-on approach to their career development and advancement with the Boeing Company. Via this system, employees will be able to create customized profiles, receive notifications for new job postings, and search and instantly apply for internal positions online.

Why Careers@Boeing?

The Company and UAW Local 1069 agreed to a two year Pilot Program for the posting and filling of all open positions represented by UAW Local 1069 using the existing Careers@Boeing enterprise tool.  The Pilot Program will begin for all open positions covered by the UAW Local 1069 Collective Bargaining Agreement on Monday, July 6, 2015.  During this two year pilot program this will be the only way an employee represented by UAW Local 1069 can apply for an open position covered by the UAW Local 1069 Collective Bargaining Agreement.  This is a new approach, however, the filling of positions will still abide by hiring requirements as outlined in the UAW collective bargaining agreement.*

What do I need to do?

Any employee interested in applying for an open position represented by the UAW must complete a Careers@Boeing profile.  If an employee needs assistance in setting up a Careers@Boeing profile they may go to one of the  HR Service Centers (located in Buildings 3.92 and 3.25) or speak to a UAW Committeeman or Shop Steward.

How do I create a profile?

It is quick and easy.  Go to Total Access, click on My Career and then click on  the Careers@Boeing link and look for the Candidate Profile box on the right.  Under the description, click on the Access my profile.  Follow the directions to complete your profile.  In addition, there are tips online and tip sheets available in the HR Service Center or from a Committeeman or Shop Steward.

* Hiring decisions will be made based on skill and ability, with seniority being the determining factor where the two are deemed equal.

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