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Due to the large number of 1069 members retiring at the end of the month, we are asking for your help to see everyone who will be going out. We will be visiting the shop floor on Thursday, September 24th for pictures. We are setting up locations around the site for retiring members to meet at so we can expedite the picture-taking process. This will allow your leadership to visit with everyone involved. The locations are as follows and are the same for all shifts, as appropriate:

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Time                       Area                                                        Location (same for all shifts)

1st shift

South Side

9:15 AM                3-57/3-60 Buildings                              Main aisle, middle of 3-60

9:45 AM                3-61 Building                                         Main aisle, cross of aisles

10:30 AM             Flight Test                                               3-96 Hangar

North Side

12:00 PM              3-07 Building                                           Front of shops by offices

12:30 PM              3-12 Building                                            Front of building by dock

12:45 PM              Maintenance area in 3-25 Building        Break area

1:00 PM                3-25 Building, all assembly/non-Maintenance

Main aisles cross, near cockpit

1:45 PM                3-31 Building                                              Critical Cell area

2:10 PM                Whirl Tower                                               Break area

 2nd shift

North Side                                                                                                                            

3:00 PM                3-31 Building

3:20 PM                3-25 Building Assembly

3:40PM                 Maintenance

4:00 PM                3-12 Building

4:20 PM                3-07 Building

South  Side

4:45 PM                Flight Test

5:00 PM                3-61Building

5:25 PM                3-57/3-60 Buildings

Your Shop Steward will be your contact for gathering at the appointed area and appointed times.  They will have a list of the retirees from their zone and let those folks know when and where to be somewhere. If you are on 3rd shift and would like a picture, please let your shop steward know so a time and location can be scheduled.

Don’t forget the Monthly Membership Meeting this Sunday, September 27, 2015, starting promptly at 10:00.  Be sure to bring your union card and arrive before 10:00!


Yours in Solidarity,

Chris Owens, President

UAW Local 1069






SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2015 10:00 AM




There will be a discussion of the pertinent union issues. The agenda will be as outlined in the Constitution of the International Union, UAW and the By-Laws of UAW Local 1069.



 Chris Owens                                                              Brian McBride

President                                                                    Recording Secretary

UAW Local 1069                                                       UAW Local 1069

September 15, 2015

Brothers and Sisters,

With the efforts of your leadership and the cooperation of the company we were able to secure the recall of 18 of our UAW members. Be assured that we will not rest until every UAW member on layoff is returned to his/her job. With the number reaching 90 potential UAW members taking the VSP, there in some cases will be a need to backfill open positions other than what has been recalled. If you are interested in any of these positions that may become available, please remember to build your profile on the Careers@Boeing system in total access. Even if an open position would be natural progression for you, you still MUST build your profile and apply for the position or positions available.

We are continuing our efforts to bring more work to our site, primarily work from other Boeing programs. Our goal is to procure any defense or commercial work that becomes available as other Boeing sites transition into new purposes. We believe our record speaks for itself when it comes to the quality and quantity of work put out by our facility. We are emphasizing our strength of an experienced and committed UAW workforce. How to Create a Profile? It is quick and easy. Go to Total Access, click on my Career and then click on the Careers@Boeing link and look for the Candidate Profile box on the right. Under the description, click on the Access my profile. Follow the directions to complete your profile. In addition there are tips online and tip sheets available in the HR Service Center of from a Committeeman or Shop Steward.


  • If you are signed up for the VSP program and are planning on leaving in September you need to sign your release and waver form by September 22nd.
  • Health Assessments must be completed by December 1, 2015 in order for you to avoid the additional $50 per month Charge to your medical insurance.
  • General Membership meetings resume at the hall on Sunday September 27 @ 10:00am

In Solidarity,

Chris Owens, President

UAW Local 1069

Digital CBA

The link below is a digital copy of the 2014 Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Your contract books will be coming soon.


UAW 1069 – 2014 CBA

July 20, 2015

Brothers & Sisters,

I have great news to share with our members, especially those who chose not to participate in our Voluntary Separation Program (VSP). We have had numerous conversations with the Company and have reached an agreement to have an additional enrollment window for employees who would like to take the VSP at this time. The Company will be sending an e-mail to all eligible employees notifying them of their eligibility and providing them with information regarding the additional enrollment window. This additional enrollment will run from July 27 to August 4, 2015. Employees interested will need to fill out an enrollment form at the HR Service Center and then they will receive an Acknowledgement Letter. The Acknowledgement Letter will need to be returned to the Company no later than 4:00pm on August 6, 2015. Members registering during this additional enrollment will roll off the Company records on September 30, 2015.

NOTE: Employees who had not withdrawn from the VSP prior to July 17, 2015 will not be eligible to register under this additional enrollment window. This agreement is in accordance with an addendum to the Letter from contract negotiations concerning the VSP signed October 28, 2014.

Members have come to me and their Committeemen and Stewards asking us to have a second VSP enrollment window.   We have heard you and have responded with this new opportunity for you. Carefully weight your options when deciding on whether or not to sign up. This will be your FINAL opportunity to participate! All of the requirements that were in place for the previous VSP window are still in effect.

Yours in Solidarity,

Chris Owens, President

UAW Local 1069

Below is information pertaining to the Health Assessment Program

The Boeing Health Assessment program has been in place for several years and many of our Boeing co-workers have taken advantage of the program to make smarter life style choices and improve their overall health. By tracking and addressing various health matters, members have been able to lower their blood pressure, lose weight, stop smoking, and other issues, at their own pace.

We will begin using the Health Assessment program as part of our insurance coverage for members and their spouses on Thursday, July 23, 2015. Members will be notified of this date as well as information on their participation in the program through several methods, including the Between The Blades information handout covered in morning meetings, the Company Plasma Screen system, and by mail at home.

There are several aspects of the program that will involved both the member and their spouse. Smoking cession programs are part of the assessment and members and their spouses will need to participate in a counseling program to stop smoking. Failure to do so will result in an increase in insurance cost-sharing costs.

Philadelphia site screenings will take place between July 21st and October 1st. To schedule your on-site screening and learn more about the Step By Step program, log-on to Total Access and click My Well Being.

Dates, time and location are as follows

July 21& 22 6:00am to 2:00 pm 3-02 PER Rm July 23 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm 3-02 PER Rm July 28 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm 3-61 PMO Conf Rm B7 July 29 & 30 6:00 am to 2:00 pm PMO Conf Rm B7

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