UAW Local 1069


Election Results

Total Ballots Cast – 666 Invalid Ballots – 1
Total Ballots – 665


The following member was elected unopposed for the following position:


Vice President Brian Douglas – 353
Vince Marvel – 312

In Solidarity,

Jason Bonacquisti                                                                                 Robert Tiffany
Recording Secretary                                                                             Election Committee Chairman
UAW Local 1069                                                                                    UAW Local 1069

March 5, 2024

Brothers and Sisters.

As you are aware the company had declared a surplus of 25 members, with the hard work and dedication of this leadership team we were able to mitigate the surplus down to only 14 members.
13 Assembler Sheetmetal A along with 1 Instrumentation Mech A. Thank you to our shop stewards and committee for all your hard work in getting this done.

Reminder that the Runoff election for the Vice President position is being held Wednesday March 6, 2024, at the Union Hall between 5 A.M. and 6 P.M. A Union card is required to vote. Cards will be available at the hall if you do not have one.

In Solidarity

Jim Rugh


UAW Local 1069


February 28, 2024


Election Results

Total Ballots Cast – 689 Invalid Ballots – 5
Total Ballots – 684


The following members were elected unopposed for the following positions:


President      Jim Rugh – 524      ELECTED
                     Kyle Matthews – 160


Vice President      Vince Marvel – 322                 Runoff Required
                              Brian Douglas – 318
                              Brian Leonard – 44


Member-At-Large      Gary Stein – 499     ELECTED
                                   Ray Bunting – 178


North Side Committeeman      Anthony DeLuca – 195     ELECTED
                                                 Tony Palladino – 86


South Side Committeeman      John McCabe – 232     ELECTED
                                                 Joe Harris – 73


A run-off election for Vice President will be held on Wednesday, March 6, 2024 from 5am to 6pm at the union hall.

In Solidarity,

Jason Bonacquisti                                                                                  Robert Tiffany
Recording Secretary                                                                              Election Committee Chairman
UAW Local 1069                                                                                    UAW Local 1069

February 26, 2024



The following members have been elected to serve the remainder of the term.

Zone #2    Caridad Leone

Zone #3     Dave Haug

Zone #4     Jim Bartlett          Unopposed

Zone #5     Ed Simcox

Zone#6     Kevin Sweeney     Unopposed

Zone #10  Andrew Kistler

Zone #11   John Caldwell

Zone #12   John Casella

Zone #13   Chris Madigan     Unopposed

Zone #14   Pat Casey

Zone #15   Tara Gundaker

In Solidarity,


Jason Bonacquisti, Recording Secretary                       Robert Tiffany, Election Committee Chairman
UAW Local 1069                                                             UAW Local 1069

February 28, 2024

Brothers and Sisters,

First and foremost we would like to thank the nearly 700 members that participated in yesterday’s elections, showing our local’s strength and solidary.

We will have the election results posted today on the union boards. Out of the five open seats, four of them have been won outright. However, for Vice President, none of the candidates secured the required 50% plus one vote necessary to fill the remaining position. Therefore, a runoff election is required

Runoff Election Details:

Position: Vice President
Date: Wednesday, March 6th
Location: Union Hall
Time: 5AM – 6PM

We appreciate your continued support for the remaining two candidates in the runoff. I hope to see the same strength in turn out if not more next week as we did yesterday.

We would also like to thank Rob Tiffany and the Election Committee for all the hard work they have done this past week (Shop Stewards Elections/General Elections). The Brothers and Sisters of this Committee ensures the integrity and fairness of our elections.

In Solidarity,

Jim Rugh
President Elect
UAW Local 1069

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