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September 2017 General Membership Meeting

September 15, 2017








There will be a discussion of the pertinent union issues. The agenda will be as outlined in the Constitution of the International Union, UAW and the By-Laws of UAW Local 1069.





Michael Tolassi                                                        George Donahue

President                                                                    Recording Secretary

UAW Local 1069                                                       UAW Local 1069


August 15, 2017
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We are excited to inform our membership that The Boeing Company (“Company”), along with Bell Helicopters (“Bell Boeing”) has been awarded a $57 million contract modification to upgrade the MV-22 Osprey fleet. This award is for the “non-recurring effort” and the “basic recurring” for the Pathfinder Aircraft. This allows us to begin engineering, purchasing parts, and perform work on the Pathfinder Aircraft. As of today, we are still awaiting word from the Company on when the first aircraft will arrive in our Ridley Park site for us to begin the teardown process. Our Brothers and Sisters are ready for the challenge, and look forward to continuing to showcase our skills, craftsmanship and talent of our membership to the Company.
More good news: eight (8) “Assembler-Sheet Metal A” employees and one (1) “Inspector-Non-Destructive Test” employee returned from lay-off on July 21, 2017. Additionally, on August 4, 2017, an additional six (6) “Assembler-Sheet Metal A” employees were recalled. Your UAW 1069 leadership is hoping this trend of recalls continues until all of our Brothers and Sisters on surplus are back to work at our site.
Moreover, starting August 21, 2017, and continuing through September 8, 2017, the Company will be sending all employees a company survey. We urge all of our members to complete this survey and make your thoughts and concerns known. This survey is important because our customers review the responses to gather knowledge of our employees and processes here at the Ridley Park site.
Furthermore, I remind our members to please visit our website ( frequently. We keep this site updated and provide valuable information for our members including information about benefits, general 1069 news, as well as various training/educational opportunities. In addition to those informational items, our Safety Chairman, John Elmore, Jr, will begin providing safety items and “tid-bits” for our members to access as well.
Lastly, we have received a total of $0.18 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) this year, receiving $0.03, January 13, 2017; $0.06, April 7, 2017; and, $0.09, July 14, 2017.
In closing, please have an inspector check and approve your work before stamping and closing your completed job(s). This may prove to be critical in ensuring the safety of our customers and in safeguarding your employment at the Company.

Yours in solidarity,
Mike Tolassi, President
UAW Local 1069

July 12, 2017

On July 3rd, 2017, we received notice from The Boeing Company (“Company”) of the implementation of a new job classification, “Inspector – Metrology (86A13), labor grade 13” (“Inspector-Metrology”).

The Company believes that under Article VI, Section 3 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement, certification work performed in the Cal-Cert Laboratory has “substantially changed” since the “Inspector-Cal/Cert A&B” classifications were combined into the “Inspector-Operational Support” classification in 2005.

As a result of these alleged changes, the Company not only developed a job description for the newly created Inspector – Metrology position, but also substantially altered the historical job description(s) for “Inspector – Operational Support,” as well as removing the job description(s) for “Inspector – Cal/Cert A&B.” This past Thursday, July 6, 2017, the Company posted the Inspector-Metrology position on Careers@Boeing, without establishing a meeting of the “Jobs Committee” which consists of representatives from our Local Union and The Boeing Company.

Rest assured, your Union Leadership is presently in discussions with the Company on this issue.  We have not agreed to the creation of the Inspector – Metrology position; nor have we supported any changes to current job classifications or associated job descriptions.  As of today, we are still waiting on requested information from the Company, as well as responses to stipulations we presented to the Company prior to the implementation of the Inspector – Metrology classification.

As always, we will keep you, our members, informed of any information, and progress, as it pertains to this situation.



In Solidarity,

Michael Tolassi


UAW Local 1069


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