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2014 Contract Negotiations 10-2-14

Brothers and Sisters,
I’m sure each of you are anxiously awaiting news from our contract negotiations with the Boeing Company as we bargain to get a contract that pays, you, the best membership in the world, a fair wage that enables us to provide for our families; affordable medical coverage to enable us to provide care for our families in times of illness; and a contract that treats you fairly as Boeing Company teammates. With the current contract having expired last night at midnight, we have received the Company’s “full-up” proposal, and I can only say that it is ridiculous.

With that, I handed the Company a letter invoking the 10 day extension of negotiations per Article XXIII, Duration, page 192, in the current contract book. This means that we will continue to negotiate with the Company until midnight on Saturday, October 11, 2014. At that time, we will take whatever action deemed appropriate. I must tell you that there is nothing in their offer that I would accept today. We will have to see a vastly improved offer across the board before giving it serious consideration.

You can be assured that your leadership is fighting hard to bring back the best possible deal. We are bargaining from the perspective that the Boeing must offer a fair and equitable contract that recognizes the hard work sacrifice and commitment to excellence that is demonstrated every day by the world class workers here at the Ridley Park site.
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