UAW Local 1069

2014 Contract Negotiations 10-3-14

Brothers and Sisters,


It has been 24 hours since we received the Boeing Company’s contract offer. We are giving this offer every due consideration and are in the process of putting together a counter proposal that more closely mirrors what is needed to reach a fair and equitable settlement that properly rewards you for your hard work and dedication to the Company and the warfighter.


I believe that everyone here loves this place and working here. We make life-saving aircraft that are second to none in the world. Some of us are 2nd generation Boeing employees, and even some 3rd generation.


We will continue to fight for every single issue so that your needs will be met and you can continue to provide a good life for your family. We are negotiating for both economic and non-economic issues and will continue through next week, working up to the last minute to bring you a fair contract.



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UAW Local 1069