UAW Local 1069

September 14, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please note on your calendar that this month’s General Membership Meeting scheduled for September 25, 2016 will be cancelled due to hall renovations.

Renovation work to our hall is currently in progress and going well. We originally anticipated all work completed before our September’s membership meeting but of course as we all know when performing any types of construction work unexpected issues do arise. We do anticipate all work to be completed before our next scheduled Membership Meeting which is scheduled for October 23, 2016. Please make note of this date and be sure to attend.

Last week I visited Detroit, Michigan for a scheduled UAW Leadership Meeting. I would like to inform our members that our half-hour “strike-fund” dues increase has increased that fund to the amount of 663 million dollars. Our UAW Leadership anticipates that fund to be at their projected balance by the year 2018. At that time the increase will be re-evaluated and discussed at the next UAW convention in that same year. Also, overall UAW membership across the country has increased from 300 thousand to approximately 400 thousand members to date. Please continue to help our great union grow by continuing to purchase UAW made products, especially cars and trucks.

Lastly, I do still notice some of our members patronizing Royal Farms Market across the street from our plant. I again ask of you to please shop elsewhere, Royal Farms is no friend of labor, our community, and all unionized workers. They adamantly steer clear of using organized labor when they build their stores. Please steer clear from shopping at their locations and helping them profit while union trades people lose out on these building contracts.

Yours in solidarity,

Mike Tolassi


UAW Local 1069

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UAW Local 1069