UAW Local 1069

February 11, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I wish to notify our Brothers and Sisters that your UAW Local 1069 Leadership team along with our Job’s Committee team agreed with The Boeing Company on a new “Memorandum of Agreement” regarding the job classification “Blueprint Control Clerk.” The current responsibilities of Blueprint Control Clerk (59A01, Labor Grade 1) job classification will be assigned to the Material Support (01D08, Labor Grade 8) job classification. In agreeing to the memorandum, this created an additional hiring in the Material Support organization at a seven (7) labor grade increase (Labor Grade 1 to Labor Grade 8). In any event, there is a dispute or should any concerns arise regarding this job combination, the historical job description of Blueprint Control Clerk (59A01) will remain in effect. We thank our Job’s Committee for a job well done.

Last week, myself, along with John Mozzani (Committeeman North Side) and Mike Barbacano (Benefits Rep. / Financial Secretary) attended the UAW Community Action Program (CAP) conference in Washington D.C. On Tuesday, February 4th, we took a trip up to Capitol Hill and visited Members of Congress, Mary Gay Scanlon, 5th District, Pa., Brendan Boyle 2nd District, Pa., Dwight Evans, 3rd District, Pa., Chrissy Houlahan, 6th District, Pa., and David Trone, 6th District, Maryland along with affiliates of their staff. We discussed many important issues regarding union rights, such as opposing “right to work” laws and the upcoming bill on the “right to organize.” All are in full support with Pro-Union activities and Pro-Labor actions in our states. Most importantly, we spent the majority of our time discussing OUR UAW Local and OUR needs here at Boeing Philadelphia/Ridley Park. We strongly urged and reminded them how critical our programs are to our men and women who serve our country and the utmost importance of the work our members do each and every day. We were assured by these political leaders their continued support and their unrelenting campaign on Capitol Hill to fully fund ALL of our programs here at this site, especially for UAW Local 1069. In continuing to “lobby” for our membership, I have a scheduled meeting with Congressman Donald Norcross, 1st District, New Jersey and member of the Armed Services Committee next week in his Cherry Hill office. I am confident we continue to have his full support as well. We certainly thank these Members of Congress for the hard work they do to sustain our workforce at this facility.

Lastly, the following internal jobs are open for UAW Local 1069 members to apply to:
Inspector NDT 85A13, 00000180452, 1st shift, 1/31/20 – 2/14/20
Aircraft Technician 11C10, 00000182306, 1st shift, 2/4/20 – 2/18/20
Painter A, 00000182322, 1st shift, 2/4/20 – 2/18/20

Reminder: Enrollment is still open for “Introduction to Sheet Metal and Assembly” which will be held at Delaware County Community College (DCCC). The dates for this course is 2/25 – 7/2. Enrollment concludes the week prior to start date.

In Solidarity,

Michael Tolassi, President
UAW Local 1069

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UAW Local 1069