UAW Local 1069

April 1, 2020
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I wish to inform our members that as of Tuesday, March 31, 2020, there have been 2 confirmed cases at the Ridley Park facility of the “coronavirus.” The employees identified are an employee who has been working “virtual,” offsite and an employee who works in building 3-12, 2nd floor office areas. These 2 employees are presently following guidelines set forth from The Boeing medical team. Employees who test “positive” will remain away from the workplace until fully recovered and cleared to return. Any employees who are/were quarantined due to having contact with someone who shows a positive test will remain out for a minimum of 14 days. Those employees who were quarantined will be able to return to work after the 14 day period and showing NO symptoms of the virus. Work areas have been and will continue to be cleaned immediately where an employee exhibits symptoms that require them to be tested.
Also, this past weekend, 3/28 and 3/29 all Janitors were requested to work along with additional employees to clean areas of our factory. The buildings that were addressed were 3-57 (V-22), 3-60, 3-61 (H47), DCOE, CCOE, Delivery Center, and 3-31. A “deep cleaning” was performed in the bathrooms, break areas, and high touch point areas. We thank our Janitors for a job well done each and every day and we thank our Brothers and Sisters who volunteered to assist with this cleaning of our facility.
In addition, myself along with my team have been visiting with all of you in the plant and received many great suggestions regarding the crisis we are all experiencing. Each and every day I meet with company leadership and pass along your comments and concerns. One recurring theme I get from our members is the lack of communication from the company. We urge Boeing Leadership to hold daily meetings, update their webpage/website frequently, and have ALL managers discuss actions that are being taken regularly with all of you. Please continue to share your comments and concerns with your UAW Leadership and with Boeing Management.
Lastly, I will keep up the communication with our Brothers and Sisters as I continue to receive information from The Company.


In Solidarity,

Michael Tolassi
UAW Local 1069

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UAW Local 1069