UAW Local 1069

June 16, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Over these past several months we all have witnessed, experienced, and became very disheartened and sadden over the unfortunate and heartbreaking issues our world has faced.
The COVID-19 pandemic turned our entire world “upside-down” to say the least. We were personally affected and/or know someone who went through sickness or even death, in addition to experiencing financial hardships due to this current outbreak. We now have witnessed the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the effects that is being echoed throughout our planet. These are very extraordinary and unprecedented times for all people, which includes our Brothers and Sisters who make up our UAW and our Local 1069.

Our great UAW has remained a force in the liberal wing of the Democratic party. The UAW continues to strongly support all programs recognizing civil rights. “The UAW used the rhetoric of civic or liberal nationalism to fight for the rights of blacks and other workers of color between the 1930s and 1970s. At the same time, it used this rhetoric to simultaneously rebuff the demands and limit the organizing efforts of black workers seeking to overcome institutional racial hierarchies in the workplace, housing, and the UAW. The UAW leadership denounced these demands and efforts as antidemocratic and anti-American.” 1 Our UAW International President, Rory Gamble shares with us stating “this pandemic, terrible as it is, has shown us that we are in this together and we must rely on one another if we are going to navigate in this worldwide crisis. This is a scary time, and fear and prejudice are our enemies.”

Please allow me to reiterate my words and feelings that were communicated in my May 5, 2020 chopper handout, “Your Bargaining Committee, as well as our Brothers and Sisters in our plant do not condone any form of racial intimidation.” I am certain we all share in the same belief with my statement and in Rory Gamble’s message.

This being said, I continue to remain confident that all UAW Local 1069 members care and respect one another in this plant and in our communities, regardless of race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, disability, or any other categories we live by.

Continue to stay strong and remain united. We will once again prevail through these sad and unprecedented times.

In Solidarity,

Michael Tolassi
UAW Local 1069


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