UAW Local 1069

November 6, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Lately, we have witnessed a surge of employees being investigated by the Company, being “paraded” over to Central Medical to submit urine and breathalyzer tests (post accident/near miss), and receiving Corrective Action Memos (CAMs) for a variety of alleged infractions. The Company has investigators/fact finders on and offsite who we feel make great efforts to solidify their jobs and who are much too eager to hand out disciplinary action as if they were handing out candy. We once again urge ALL UAW Local 1069 members when participating with any of these actions to promptly request union representation. This is your right. One of us will always be readily available to accompany you when called for. All members will soon be receiving new membership cards via mail. We will also include a “Weingarten Rights” card as well. This card clearly specifies “Employee Rights During Company Interrogation.”

In addition, The Company, our customers, as well as UAW Local 1069 members are very concerned with quality and Foreign Object Debris (FOD) issues that have been in the forefront in our plant as of late. As your UAW Leadership Team walks the factory, we have seen many “undocumented” tools and shop aids being used in our shops. As of now, we speculate a good portion of these tools/aids are being made by employees in our factory who are NOT UAW Local 1069 members. These tools/aids can create many problems moving forward. Undocumented tools in our factory is certainly a FOD issue and could compromise the quality of the products we build. Also, these tools being made, are not documented, and placed out in our factory bypasses and violates our contractual job classifications listed in our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). These job classifications include Breakdown Man, Senior Machine Operator, Toolmaker, Inspector, and Material Support personnel. Please take the time to indentify these tools/aids (plastic, metal, and plaster) before using on your jobs. Tools should have an acronym (AJ, DJ, FME, MIT, etc.) followed by a tool number permanently marked on the tool or on an attached tool tag. The tool should also have a lifetime serial number, unit number, date, and inspection (buy-out) stamp. Aids should have an acronym (PA, SA, and UA) followed by the aid number permanently marked on the aid. There should also be a FOD number, program identifier, end user shop, and a “screen sticker” specifying a 90-day validation period. Please see your manager and/or a UAW representative should you have any questions or concerns regarding these types of tools/aids. Keep in mind, if you encounter a FOD or quality issue using any of these mentioned tools/aids YOU will be responsible, not the people who “secretly” fabricated and distributed these tools/aids into our shops.

Lastly, we are still watching the state’s imposed mandates (COVID-19) to try and determine when we once again can resume our General Membership meetings. As most of you are aware of, myself, along with some of my Leadership Team have been coming to your E.I. meetings to provide information that we would normally provide at our membership meetings. We will continue this practice as to keep all members informed of all new developments in our plant and at your union hall.
NOTE: Please review your “2021 Annual Enrollment” benefits brochure you should have received at your home. Express Scripts will no longer administer our prescription plan. The new administrator of our prescription plan will be Prime Therapeutics. We urge you to please review this entire package thoroughly. This change and if you decide to make additional changes to your health coverage will take effect January 1, 2021. Remember to complete your health screening and assessment.

In Solidarity,

Michael Tolassi, President
UAW Local 1069

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UAW Local 1069