UAW Local 1069

January 20, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I recently met with site (CH-47, V-22, and Composite Fabrication) senior managers for an update and outlook regarding program work statements for 2021. As previously acknowledged, our manufacturing forecast appears optimistic this year for all of these programs. We have welcomed more than two hundred new employees in our production shops over the past two years. We look forward to continuing this trend into the future.

Unfortunately, under our current Shared Services Group (SSG), Maintenance Management Team, during these same few years, manpower in our facilities services group has been reduced. We have lost approximately nineteen members across our maintenance job classifications. Also, we went from around forty represented janitors to an astonishing new low, eighteen. These numbers are staggering, considering Boeing SSG management still employs and contracts “Skookum” Services (maintenance sub-contractors) along with fourteen Janitorial, non-UAW Local 1069 workers in our plant. We consider these decisions clear cases of “job erosion” in our represented family groups. As stated in my previous Chopper, The Boeing Company’s actions are actively being addressed by our UAW Leadership Team.

Please be aware that in addition to our production UAW members, we have a well qualified, certified, and properly trained Maintenance workforce who are responsible for the facilities work and up-keep in and throughout our factory. We also have Local 1069 Brothers and Sisters in the Labor Pool who work very hard with the responsibilities of keeping our site cleaned and sanitized. We urge ALL of our members to keep this in mind and NOT perform any tasks and duties relating to these family groups and classifications. First and foremost, production employees are not properly trained, nor certified to perform these jobs. In addition, if you do perform duties pertaining to these maintenance and labor pool jobs, you will be violating our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) by “working-out-of-classification.” If unsure what these specific duties are, please request your Union Representative for further clarification. Please assist and support our Maintenance and Labor Pool Brothers and Sisters by calling our Boeing Maintenance “Dispatcher” when you see maintenance and cleaning issues throughout our plant. The numbers to call are 1-3515 and 1-1616. Do not count on Boeing Managers to make contact or call in these work “tickets.” We, UAW Local 1069 Members must take this initiative.

Stand United, Stay UAW Local 1069 Strong

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623 Days

In Solidarity,

Michael Tolassi
UAW Local 1069

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UAW Local 1069