UAW Local 1069

April 2, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We are pleased to inform our membership Delaware County has offered to help schedule some appointments for eligible Boeing employees to receive COVID-19 vaccinations at one of their mass vaccination sites this Saturday.
“At this time, Delaware County has directed Boeing to prioritize eligible employees who are required to work on-site and have higher risk of exposure to COVID-19.”
• Persons aged 65 and older
• Persons aged 16-64 with high-risk conditions

Employees who meet the eligibility requirements should register for an appointment through the link provided to them via email. An email was sent to on-site factory employees that included a link for scheduling vaccine appointments for a limited number of Boeing employees. Appointments will be available to all eligible Boeing Philadelphia employees. Only 200 appointments will be available this week (Saturday) for employees who fall into the Phase 1A category. We have been informed by the Company that starting next week, 4/5/21, that the state will open up vaccines to those in the category Phase 1B, which includes us as part of critical manufacturing. Boeing and the UAW will continue to work with Delaware County to create more opportunities for Boeing employees to get vaccinated if they desire. The county has also announced a much larger supply of vaccines beginning next week. For further details about who qualifies for the vaccine, please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Health website.

Eligible employees are NOT required to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Boeing does, however, “encourage” employees to take advantage of these opportunities and receive this vaccine.
Boeing has established a “temporary-pay-practice” for all U.S. Boeing employees, which provides up to two hours of paid time off per vaccine dose (maximum of two doses).
Further communication and emails will be distributed. Also, please continue to visit the sites provided:
• Pennsylvania Department of Health “Your Turn Tool” to help employees determine their eligibility
• “Boeing Coronavirus Website Vaccine Page”
• COVID-19 BNN Channel” (feature helpful articles and information)

In Solidarity,

Michael Tolassi
UAW Local 1069

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