UAW Local 1069

October 15, 2021
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
All US-based Boeing employees were officially notified on Tuesday, October 12, 2021, that The Boeing Company will be moving forward with a vaccine mandate in line with Executive Order 14042 and President Biden’s COVID-19 action plan. The Company specifies they will require all US-based Boeing employees to either show proof of being fully vaccinated or have an approved reasonable accommodation (based on a medical or a religious belief) in place by December 8, 2021.
Pursuant to Article 19 of our UAW Constitution, any negotiated agreement that supplements our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) must be ratified by the membership.
Your UAW Local 1069 Leadership’s position remains unchanged. We passionately believe this mandate is an unwarranted change to the “condition of employment.” We have reached out to Boeing Leadership demanding to bargain over both the decision to mandate vaccination and the effects of that decision. I was contacted late last night by Boeing Leadership in Seattle Washington expressing willingness to come here to meet with my team early next week to bargain this directive. In addition, we reached out and forwarded all provided documentation to our UAW International Servicing Representative and our UAW International Regional Director. They are in the process of obtaining all information from many locals to require assistance from the UAW International Health and Safety and Legal Departments in Detroit MI.
Your Local 1069 Leadership team is diligently working on this urgent issue.
Furthermore, we wish to thank our Local 1069 Brothers and Sisters who showed their solidarity and came down to our hall this past Tuesday, October 12th and voted in our utmost important election. We showed an overwhelmingly 1102 members showing support and casting their vote in this General Election.
Lastly, starting October 15, 2021, union-represented employees may request to transfer to another shift to a job within their job classification and Center (CBA Article 8, Section 20). The fall 2021 open period for filing a transfer request runs from 10/15/21 – 10/30/21. It will also be posted in Between the Blades for the duration of the open period. The link will be posted on the LR Website on 10/15/21 as well.
“Team Tolassi” expresses many thanks to this membership for allowing us to continue our hard work for all Local 1069 Brothers and Sisters.

Stay United and Remain UAW Local 1069 Strong

In Solidarity,

Michael A Tolassi
UAW Local 1069

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UAW Local 1069