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UAW Local 1069 – Boeing Tentative Agreement Highlight Summary

If ratified on or before October 16, 2022

Long-Term Gains

  • 4 ½ Year Duration: GWI / Lump Sum for Duration of Agreement


Year 2022: 4% GWI and a one-time inflationary adjustment of $1.00 per hour to base rate, resulting in a 6% average increase in base rate for Year 1.

Year 2023: 5% Lump Sum

Year 2024: 4% GWI

Year 2025: 4% Lump Sum

Year 2026: 3% GWI


  • Ratification Money: – Cash Lump Sum $7,000.00 in addition to 25 Shares of Boeing Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) with a 3-year vesting period currently valued at $3,300.00. (The Lump Sum Money along with the 25 Shares of Stock is for all active employees and any employee on Leave of Absence (LOA).


  • Healthcare: “Locked-in” for the life of agreement. Advantage+ continues with no paycheck contributions and preserving the company yearly contributions. Modest increase in cost share for Traditional Medical Plan and HMO from 12% to 14% beginning January 1, 2024 (year 2023 locked in at 12%). Maintain current Life and AD&D, short-term disability, long-term disability, and remaining medical benefit plans for the life of agreement.


  • Retirement: Maintain existing Boeing 401(K) (VIP) plan, which features a 4% automatic company contribution each year and a company match of 75% on the first 8% of pay for the duration (4 ½ years) of this agreement. New Feature: Starting January 1, 2023, employees can take their pension (at retirement) in a lump sum that can be rolled into a retirement account.


  • Elimination of Table 2 Wage Structure: Eliminate Table 2 (Single Rate) pay structure, allowing every employee a path to reach the same max rate.


Addition Features


  • New Maximum Pay Rate and Continued Progression to Max Rate for all UAW Labor Pool Employees: The Company will hire and utilize UAW represented employees exclusively going forward to perform such work. The UAW Local 1069 Labor Pool classification will get an increase of $1.00 per hr. added to max rate ($26.00). Any Labor Pool employee not at max rate will continue to progress to this rate. Labor Pool employees still can “bid” for other UAW Local 1069 jobs at any time.
  • Voluntary Layoff Benefits Program (VLO): Increased from 1 week of pay for every 2 years of service (max 13 weeks) to 1 week of pay for each year of service (max 26 weeks).
  • Safety Devices: Increased yearly supplement for safety shoes from $100 to $150.
  • Increase in “Minimum” starting pay rates: Minimum starting pay rates will now be our previous “Table 2” (Single Rate) rates of pay in all labor grades.
  • Lead Rate Increase: Lead rates increased to $1.50 per hour.
  • Additional Sick Day: Added 1 additional sick day to yearly accrual.
  • Recall from Layoff/Move Status: Improved language to accrue money progression, with step increases when recalled back to surplused classifications.

Defeated Company Proposals


  • Alternative Work Schedule: No 24/7 work schedule that would eliminate overtime and no non-traditional workday/time schedule. This language was proposed to operate the factory on a 7-day, round-the-clock work schedule to eliminate premium pay.
  • Program Seniority: Maintained Plant-Wide seniority for ALL UAW employees regardless of work assignments. The Company proposed to change the seniority status of all UAW employees to reflect program specific.
  • Elimination of “Special Company Retirement Contribution” (SCRS) Plan: The Boeing Company proposed to eliminate their additional 401(K) (Voluntary Investment Plan, VIP) contributions after 2-years during this agreement. We maintained the continuation of this special contribution for the life of the agreement.
  • Labor Pool Sub-Contractors: The Boeing Company proposed to continue the use of outsourcing our janitorial work. We were able to eliminate all janitor sub-contractors and will replace these employees with UAW Local 1069 employees solely.

Additional Contract Language Enhancements


  • Improved Grievance procedure
  • Added the option to use the Federal Mediation process to our Grievance Procedure
  • Improved loan language
  • Improvement to “Loss of Seniority” Language (recall rights)
  • Improved “Overtime Distribution” language


      No Give Backs / No Concessions

Scroll Through the Full Redlined Contract Below:

UAW 1069 IN WORK REDLINE 2022 CBA_10-13-22

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